About us


Chemical Industry of Petro Aria Dian Gostar Qom In 2014 by skilled and experienced people Managing Mr. Ahad Hassibi With the aim of producing and supplying chemical and industrial solvents and raw materials of paint and resin industries like Types of thinner (instant, wash, oily, epoxy, furnace …), esters (iso butyl acetate, normal butylated acetate, methyl acetate and dimethoxy methane (methylene)), light and heavy hydrocarbons In Salafchegan industrial park in Qom province, the company has been continuously working with the increasing efforts of experienced and experienced personnel interested in supporting the industry of the country.

In addition to supplying domestic markets, this manufacturing unit has exported chemicals to the countries of the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, Oman, China, Armenia, Afghanistan and India.

We hope that thanks to the excellence in this field, we will provide a great service for the progress of our beloved country.