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Ancient civilizations، Especially the Sumerians, the Assyrians and the Babylonians، About four thousand five hundred years ago in the land of Mesopotamia) Current Iraqi Place) With some oil from the bitter lake، They were familiar. They used bitumen as a non-penetrating material.

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The Romans and the Greeks used bitumen to make the bodies ineffective، It was also used for lighting and heating.

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With the development of drilling technology in the mid-nineteenth century and the technology of distillation and refining of oil in the late nineteenth century and its use in nonfuel cases، A surprise jump has arisen. As today’s petrochemical industry has a fundamental and fundamental role in meeting the general needs of society.

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The establishment of the petrochemical industry in Iran is 50 years old and dates back to the 1930s.

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At the end of this decade, the Ministry of Economy, in order to expand the petrochemical industry in the country, established a chemical company in the country, and in 1337 the company launched a plan to construct a Ferdows plant in Marvdasht-Fars.

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But since the growth of this industry required more extensive specialized activities in line with the oil and gas industry, the need for an organization to develop and lead the petrochemical industry soon became evident. Therefore, in 1342, the National Petrochemical Industries Corporation, which was owned by the government and covered by the National Iranian Oil Company, was established and all activities related to the establishment and development of petrochemical industries were concentrated in this company.


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