Methyl acetate
اسفند ۲۴, ۱۳۹۶


Butyl acetate is a liquid-colored liquid chemical used in various manufacturing industries.It is an organic compound that occurs naturally in food products. However, it can be produced chemically Usually used as a solvent in the production of varnishes and paints. It also has a smell like sweet banana as a low-viscosity, liquid-colored liquid. This liquid is volatile, but flammable in nature, and at high concentrations and more than 950 mg / m 3 is toxic.


It is used as a solvent in the manufacture of nail cleaners and other nail care products.

Fruit flavors are used in foods like candy, ice cream, cooked products, cheese, yogurt, and so on.

Artificial leather, cleaners, photographic films, plastics and glass are used.

Due to its low solubility in water, n-butyl acetate is an extractant in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, and is used to produce penicillin, which is a major component of many commercial compounds.

Also, the diluent agent for colors used in the ink used to mark fruits and vegetables is used.


Butyl acetate causes respiratory problems. Hence, long-term exposure to high concentrations of these substances should be avoided in order to prevent any damage to the nervous system.

empirical formula C6 H12 O2
Molecular weight ۱۱۶
Boiling point ۱۲۶
Freezing point -۷۳
Special Weight ۰,۸۷۶
Flash point (closed box) ۲۲
Threshold of smell ۱۵ppm
Solubility in water ۰٫۷
Solubility of water in butanol ۱٫۳
Specific Heat ۵۸
Concentration of steam ۱۴۲۰۰
Steam pressure ۱۰٫۶