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Butyl glycol is a neutral and colorless substance with a fairly good odor, similar to ether, and almost non-volatile.High boiling point material, which is used as a solvent and a starting material for synthesis. Superior solvent assistivity in water-based systems (water-based paints) is a pale, low-viscosity absorbing material. This product can be mixed at room temperature with water and conventional organic solvents.Butyl glycol creates proxides in the presence of oxygen, like other ethers.


The raw material is in hydraulic fluids.

Also, the raw material is used in drilling and cutting of oil (strong solvent). The primary material in the production of softeners, for example, by reaction with phthalic acid.

A solvent type for colors and surface coatings, as well as for cleaning products and inks.

This substance is mixed with acetone, benzene and carbon tetrachloride, ethyl ether and water due to its high dilution and high solubility and low evaporation rates. Due to the properties mentioned as solvent in the production and formulation of glazes, varnishes, inks and nail polish are widely used..

Due to its low evaporation, butyl glycol in the coating manufacturing industry increases the drying time of the coatings and, at the same time, increases their softness. It is also especially recommended for drying cellulose nitrate paint brushes and chlorinated mortars or cellulose ethers, as it smooths them softly when used to dry the coating.

Other uses of this substance are color ink In the leather industry, the surface cleaner and the precursor of plastic production during the reaction with phthalic anhydride.

Solvent in surface coatings such as spray varnish, quick dry varnish, glaze, latex paints, diluent, varnish and resin (nitrocellulose), water coating systems (base colors)

Use in formulation of herbicides, pesticides and cosmetic products, acrylic resins, fire extinguishing foams

It has the ability to dissolve most of the fats, as well as in the formulation of acrylic resins and fire foam, and so on.

Packing : Butyl glycol is sold in barrels of 185 and 180 kilograms.

Other names butyl glycol Eth­y­lene gly­col mono-n-butyl ether, 2-Butoxyethanol
Chemical formula C6H14O2
Density ۹۰۰ kg/m³
Molecular Weight g/mol 2/118
Boiling point ۱۷۰٫۷ degrees Celsius
Freezing point ۷۰٫۴ degrees Celsius