Isobutyl acetate
اسفند ۲۴, ۱۳۹۶
Butyl acetate
اسفند ۲۴, ۱۳۹۶


Methyl acetate is a clear, colorless liquid that is considered to be a family of esters. A solvent that has a high evaporation rate and is soluble in water at room temperature of about 25%. It is a flammable substance and has a low odometallic odor, and also an odor of glue and nail cleaners (acetone). This material is unstable in strong acidic solutions or strong matches.Other names are methyl acetate, acetic acid methyl ester, or methyl ethanate It also has no volatile materials. Methyl acetate is akin-like. Evaporation rates, flammability, and its water vapor are similar to acetone, which is why it can be considered as an alternative to acetone.It is a low polarity solvent that dissolves cellulose acetate, polyvinyl acetate, acrylics, polyester … and a wide range of resins.


The most commonly used methyl acetate is its use as a solvent in coatings, adhesives, and nail cleaners.

For this reason, it produces a variety of early-drying colors and can be used in automotive, cans and more. It is also the reason why it is hydrophilic as a solvent in surface cleaners. Methyl acetate is used as a solvent in the production of fast-drying adhesives.

This material is also used in cosmetics, personal care such as perfume, nail polish, lacquer and so on.


Excessive sensitivity to adrenocorticoid components, systemic fungal infections and premature infants

Intravenous injection and injection into the spinal cord is contraindicated.

It also causes gastrointestinal ulcers, kidney disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, thromboembolic disorders, seizure attacks, myasthenia gravis, heart failure, tuberculosis, hypothyroidism, liver cirrhosis, psychosomatic instability, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, herpes infections Simplex becomes an eye.

Grades: %85 ،%۹۰ %۹۵

molecular formula C3H6O2
Molar mass ۷۴٫۰۸ g mol−۱
Density ۰٫۹۳۲ g cm−۳
melting point −۹۸ درجه سلسیوس
Boiling point ۵۶٫۹ °C, 330 K, 134 °F
Solubility in water ۱٫۰ g/100 mL (20 °C)
Refractive index ۱٫۳۶۱