Wash thinner
اسفند ۲۴, ۱۳۹۶
Instant thinner
اسفند ۲۴, ۱۳۹۶


This diluent has less power than instant grease and is greasy. This thinner is used to dilute all types of oils and oily colors. It is also used for a variety of oily colors in buildings and cars. Oily toper or White spray is used to dilute a variety of oily colors.For many years, there are some profitable people who use oil instead of oil thinner and are not satisfied with oil, if they are acid or any other white liquid, they are sold and sold in 4 liter gallons.

High-grade oily thinner

Diluting the color

Fast drying

Low odor

Maintaining color quality

Ease of movement of brushes and rollers

The good oily thinner in the market is very low, and for the preparation of oily thinner only it is necessary to make famous painting factories.