Di Methoxy methane
اسفند ۲۴, ۱۳۹۶
Wash thinner
اسفند ۲۴, ۱۳۹۶


This thinner is used to clean and degrease the uncolored metallic surfaces without time-of-use in Thinner. It does not contain acid or alkaline materials and can be used with brush or cloth.

Tips for better use

For a variety of applications, the Tanner will be used with suitable conditions.

Use a small amount of thinner to dilute and add the rest of the toner to the amount we need.


The thinner is a spark plug, so avoid using it in the vicinity of the flame or heat and check that all electrical systems are in place.

Be sure to read the safety tab before using thinner.

Since it may suffer from headaches and nausea, or even your nervous system and respiratory system, when in constant contact with vapors, so do not breathe vapors for a long time, and if you have been exposed to these vapors for a long time. , Use special masks.

Technical specifications (physical properties) at 25 ° C
Physical state Transparent color, liquid
Density ۰٫۸۶ ± ۰٫۰۲ g per cubic centimeter
Flash point ۲۵±۲ °C